Bootleg Ballet

    Bootleg Ballet

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    Bootleg Ballet are a group of 5 Professional performers and Musicians that have joined together to perform the brilliant music of Spandau Ballet

    Best known as one of the founding influences of the New Romantic era.

    With great songs, fashion and music that influenced a generation of bands and performers.

    The band will be in high demand and are taking bookings from April 2020




    1. Gold
    2. True
    3. Only When You Leave
    4. This Is The Love
    5. Lifeline
    6. Communication
    7. Instinction
    8. Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)
    9. To Cut A Long Story Short
    10. The Freeze
    11. Musclebound
    12. Paint Me Down
    13. She Loved Like Diamond
    14. Round And Round
    15. Highly Strung
    16. Fight For Ourselves
    17. Steal
    18. Through The Barricades
    19. I’ll Fly For You