February Blog from DDM

    February Blog from DDM

    February Blog from DDM 150 150 Darin Day Music

    Hi all subscribers and registered artists.

    DDM will now be writing regular monthly blogs to help you stay upto date with what is happening in the world of Darin Day Music Ltd.

    It will include Latest News, Progress, Facts and figures, Reviews and much more.

    Business growth

    2018 was the busiest year on record since DDM was launched in April 2012 because of the great support from the veneus and The Stable of registered artists

    It increased in all departments.

    Amount of bookings increased

    Amount of Artists booked increased

    Amount of venues increased

    Revenue paid to artists increased

    Turnover Increased

    Profit Increased

    The figures below compare between Feb 2018 to Feb 2019

    Amount of Bookings – Increase by 8%. This is mainly due to the increase of Pub Group sites that we support and new venues that have joined DDM

    Amount of Venues- Increased by 36%. The amount of venues using DDM compared to Feb 2018 has grown significantly. This is mainly due to the new marketing strategy DDM have developed and also the more sites from the pub groups using DDM’s services.

    Amount of Acts booked- increased by 6% -This is due to the increase in bookings.

    Revenue-The Turnover in Feb 2019 was 20% higher than Feb 2018. Again this is due to the increased amount of sites booking entertainment in Feb 2019. But also the new venues that came on board in 2018 booking more dates now that they have trialed the services. This is the highest figure since DDM began in 2012

    Payment to Artists – The amount of Nett income paid to the stable in Feb 2019 also increased by 20%. This is the highest Feb figure paid out since DDM began in 2012.

    Profit-Because of the bookings and revenue increasing, the profit increased by 21%. This is down to many factors. Increase in revenue, Current customer base and new venues using more services etc

    Latest News

    DDM after having the busiest calendar year on record in 2018, it was expected to have a small downturn in Jan 2019. In Feb this increased more than expected and more than covered the small decrease in Jan.

    We would like to welcome the 6 new venues that joined DDM and used their services in Feb. Also the extra likes on the agency Facebook page @darindaymusicltd

    DDM are getting more enquiries than ever for entertainment. We are getting approx 20-30 a day which is very welcome. They are also for many different services. Venues asking for cover as their booked entertainment cannot perform for whatever reason, new venues as they have been referred to DDM or seen our online presence. Looking for a company that can supply all of their range of entertainment, but also could be that the venues want different artists/fresh acts or maybe they do not want to use their current supplier anymore.

    DDM have many methods of booking artists. Email to the artists ( set in groups) posts on the DDM Members closed group, posts on the Public Darindaymusicltd page, alerts through the DDM website etc. But please understand that although the conversion rate from enquiries have increased, many enquiries do not come to fruition. This could be due to many things:- The enquiry is not a genuine one and really trying to find out what DDM charge, The customer is looking for artists for a lower budget that DDM will supply for, the customer is looking for the cheapest quote, not necessarily the best service or artist, location of venue etc etc

    Also the method in booking artists vary. Sometimes the venues will provide a list of dates and ask DDM to provide which artists are available for those dates and prices. When GIG alerts are sent out, I do appreciate everyone responding so we have the choices to offer the customer and hopefully will turn into confirmed bookings. Some venues will provide a list of dates and allow DDM to book the artists. This will then be down to availability, is the artist suitable for the venue?, location, price, and many other factors.

    But one thing we do try to address is to let the artists know if they have or not been chosen. We will try and address this, but it is very time consuming but we do thing it’s only polite to let the artists know.

    We also get approx 100-150 emails a day. This is without the returned conversation on the trail.

    DDM to try their very best to avoid cancellations, but it will happen for many reasons. Change of management, venues closing, maybe another Agency or Business has offered them deals they find more attractive. That is just the nature of Entertainment but please be assured we do challenge when a cancellation is at short notice.

    On the upside, it is very flattering that more artists are recommending Darin Day Music Ltd when a venue or customer is posting for entertainment. Not only does it help highlight that DDM are a professional service, but it can lead to more than just one booking. So in the long term helps other stablemates get bookings in those venues ( If they decide to use DDM)

    DDM is also trying to increase its following on social media. If anyone in the stable has experience or advice that would be very much appreciated.

    Confirmed Bookings

    When a booking is confirmed with DDM, there are several processes.

    Contracts will be sent out on email to the artists booked. Please make sure you confirm back in writing that this has been accepted and received. We advise to either print off the contract or download it to your Smartphone/Tablet. There has been an increase in acts emailing, texting or calling on the day of performance that they cannot find the contract. This is easily avoided by taking the steps we ask you to do in the first place. If any of the team are not available to reply or send it to you, this could be disasterous. Help us to help you by helping yourselves.

    A text message is sent out midweek to all artists booked the forthcoming weekend. Please reply to say all is ok and the venue/s booked. This helps us have peace of mind and know the customers are getting the services they have booked.

    This was put into place since 2013 after 2 consecutive weeks of venues calling to say the artists had not arrived. It is very important that for any reason a booking cannot be honoured, DDM must be informed by telephone primarily. This also gives us a chance to replace an artist if needed and not left until last minute.

    Reviews and reports

    Marc Hopkins-
    DDM were absolutely fantastic 😊 would recommend 100% I had them come to the pub I work in and Marc got everyone up dancing absolutely fantastic!! Will definitely use again.
    Assistant Manager
    Dog and Gun

    Darin as Tony Hadley was amazing. Didn’t know how it would be received but the venue was packed. Will book again.


    The Lawnswood


    DDM are growing steadily. This was always the plan and goal to grow exponentially. With the continued support and Professionalism of the artists registered it will continue.

    March blog will out soon with more news and reports.

    Onwards and Upwards