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    Forever Queen

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    Forever Queen are a four piece Queen tribute band based on the South Coast but they have travelled all around the UK and abroad for the last ten years with their most notable performance in June 2019 at The Isle of Wight Festival.

    They aim to consistently put on a great show and strive to make sure the audience has a memorable time wherever they see them.

    Forever Queen have around 1,500 followers across their social media platforms and do whatever they can to promote themselves and every venue they play at.

    Forever Queen’s very own ‘Brian May’ aka Craig Farley is a ‘Brian May Guitars’ featured artist so every venue they play is also plugged by them. 

    The band consists of Mark Mulholland on drums and backing vocals as ‘Roger Taylor’, Mark Wilmott on Bass as ‘John Deacon’, Howard Corbett on lead vocals as ‘Freddie Mercury’, and Craig Farley on guitar and backing vocals as ‘Brian May’.

    Forever Queen pride themselves on authenticity through their music and costumes which span the life of Queen through the 70’s and 80’s. One of the many comments they often receive is about the variety of songs they play, putting in the hits but also those songs that every Queen fan will appreciate. Costumes include, but are not limited to, Wembley ‘86, The Works tour, The Hot Space Tour, The Game Tour, The Magic Tour, Live Aid, and full drag for ‘I Want to Break Free’ (providing ease of backstage access for a quick change).