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    Imperfect Storm

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    Imperfect Storm are a 6 piece band of experienced musicians based in South Birmingham.

    We have a collective background in UK and US rock, soul, tribute acts and blues and even a touch of metal in recent times.Currently, we’re performing a set consisting of rock and soul covers – from Tina Turner to Lady Gaga,

    The Foo Fighters to Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Beth Hart, Lisa Mann, Wilson Pickett to name but a few. A good song is a good song is a good song !!.But we are not a regular function band, We are trying to stay away from cliche setlists songs, but still have a few up our sleeve if we need it.

    Depending on the gig, there’s a couple of Blues numbers as well and quite often we’ll put an acoustic song into the set.

    We’re always adding new songs from various eras, and try not to get caught too much in a rock-blues genre or a soul genre. Song choices are melodic and we perform these with a rich and full sound.

    Up front are the soaring vocals of Miss Nyah Ifill. Nyah is an incredibly talented young singer with great presence who will usually silence the room with just her microphone check.

    Ably supported by Gaz Jones on guitar, Les Fortnam on drums, Les Greaves on Bass, Robin Fox on keys and Cathy Fox on backing Vocals.