Randall Butler-George Michael Tribute

    Randall Butler-George Michael Tribute

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    I started my George Michael tribute in 2011 originally performing abroad in 5 star hotels on the Greek Islands of corfu, zante, Rhodes, and Cyprus, as a huge George Michael and Wham fan I grew up with his music.

    He has always been my personal idol and my favourite male artist, I felt a real connection with George on a personal level, I could relate to him, he made me believe it’s ok to be who you are, and to be proud of that, George Michael inspired me in so many ways, and blew me away with his beautiful soulful voice and his emotional lyrics.

    George was the only artist that I have ever wanted to tribute, as he was reason I started singing when I was 11 years old, i used to sing I can’t make you love me, and Kissing a fool, 2 of my most favourite songs of his as I used to sing them about my first love Alicia a girl whom I had grown up with who at the time didn’t love me back the way I loved her.

    I’ve received some wonderful Feedback such as that I sound very much like George an that I have his moves down brilliantly, and a real familiar likeness, I loved his iconic 80’s faith look, that was the album I got most into growing up, so when on stage I use that faith iconic image, and the more sophisticated smart look for parts of my show, I also sing all the Wham classic hits as well. I have built up my reputation as a credible George Michael an Wham tribute artist in the U.K., and I have become one of the UK’s no 1 leading George Tributes.

    I have been doing shows all around the UK and abroad for years and my show has been unbelievably well received here at home and abroad, an the feedback I’ve have received has been phenomenal an very heart warming and humbling as this is my passion, music an performing is everything to me so I’m over the moon to hear such amazing feedback.

    After all George Michael was my idol, my hero, and the reason I started to sing, his music has saved me many times, and still to this day, many people who have watched my show who have seen George Michael many times have said to me I’ve done him proud and that’s all I can ever ask for.

    I love what I do and keeping this inspirational mans music alive and helping to keep his memory going, George will live on forever through his music and the hearts of his fans and I’m most certainly one his biggest..