Retrofunk 1024 759 Darin Day Music

    All funk & disco hits, professional musicians & vocals.

    This band consists of professional musicians featuring our great local players, playing Funk Disco 80s Dance & Pop.

    RETROFUNK (COLLECTIVE).We have a range of booking options and flexability from a 3 to 7 piece band.————————————————

    ​Our standard lineup consists of 4: Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums & Keyboard + BVS, all live.

    This is a great option for pubs & clubs as well as functions wedding/parties that want an all live but compact band.————————————————–

    Our smallest lineup is a trio : 3 piece consisting of bass player, keyboard + male vocals, female lead vocals, + tracks. This trio is good for those venues that can not cater for a live drums or that have limited space but still want a full band sound.

    7 piece band, is the full live big band lineup, usually booked for function weddings or parties dependant on budget. This consists of lead vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keyboards + male vocals, trumpet & saxophone.