Sparky and Sprite

    Sparky and Sprite

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    We are an experienced duo who sing Swing and many more songs from the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s. We can adapt to most styles of popular music from Swing to Rock & Roll to West End, dependent on what the client needs.

    We perform at weddings, parties and corporate events around the country offering tailor made playlists for each show. Our attention to detail and versatility shines through as every show has a unique slant, catering for the individual needs of each client.

    About Sparky

    Mark, or “Sparky” to those who know him has always had a passion for music and singing.  Whilst living in Oxfordshire since his late teen years, he has practised tirelessly and built up a most impressive and diverse repertoire, covering several eras of music. Singing is his one true passion.

    Sparky stands out as a performer because he brings his charisma and showmanship to each performance, engaging with his audience and creating a fun atmosphere that is enjoyed by children and adults alike.  On many occasions, he has been asked what he loves most about putting on a show.  For him, it always comes down to the same elements; putting the best show ever, people smiling, singing along and especially dancing.

    About Sprite

    Anne, or “Sprite” was born and raised in sunny Bicester. She started singing and performing at the age of 7, and performed with the Welsh National Opera at age of 15. She has performed on stage at New Theatre Oxford at 18 and regularly over the years until recently. She is very versatile vocally, and sings any genre from Ella Fitzgerald, Connie Francis,     Vera Lynn to Evanescence!

    Sprite particularly loves singing show tunes but enjoys a challenge should you have a song request! Her repertoire is huge but her personal favourites are Hallelujah, Over the Rainbow, Robot Man and Bobby’s Girl – something for everyone!